PP MOSTEN is a thermoplastic material, solid, odourless and tasteless at room temperature. It exhibits a high degree of crystallinity, high temperature stability and resistance to the majority of chemicals.

PP MOSTEN is generally chemically stable due to its non-polar characteristics. It is resistant to most inorganic salt solutions, acids and alkalis across a broad range of temperatures and concentrations. It dissolves only in certain solvents at higher temperatures (e.g., in halogenated and aromatic hydrocarbons) and is not resistant to strong oxidants such as concentrated nitric acid, oleum, halogens, etc. It swells in halogenated and aromatic hydrocarbons and some other solvents. It is neccessary to verify material resistance in the final product. Water adsorption relates to the material's surface only. Moisture condensation problems may arise during processing when transferring material to a colder environment.

PP MOSTEN exhibits good thermal insulation properties. Melting temperatures of the crystalline fraction for homopolymers are 160–168 °C. Melting temperatures of the crystalline fraction for copolymers are 144–168 °C. Glass-transition temperature (Tg) for homopolymers is 0 °C. Copolymers are recommended at subzero temperatures because their Tg temperatures are shifted to substantially lower values. Products made of PP MOSTEN may be used permanently in temperatures up to 100 °C and grades with thermal stabilization up to 105 °C. The level of thermal stability of all PP MOSTEN grades guarantees that no material degradation will occur under the recommended processing conditions.



Automotive and electronic compounds

Compounds can be designed for use with extrusion, injection moulding and thermoforming technologies.

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Fibres and nonwovens

Spunbond nonwovens, staple fibres, multifilaments, yarns

Fibres produced from PP MOSTEN exhibit excellent strength due to high polymer isotacticity. Fibre grades are produced in a broad range of melt flow rates and have a high gel purity level.

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Mono/multi-layer and laminated cast film.

PP MOSTEN homopolymer grades are successfully used for cast film production. Their additive package is optimised for processing stability and final application.

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Injection moulding

Food containers, thin-wall and rigid packaging, caps and closures, buckets, crates, industrial storage and tool boxes, household articles, toys, furniture, battery cases.

PP MOSTEN grades designed for injection moulding contain homopolymers and block and random copolymers.

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Sheets, pipes and profiles

Thermoforming sheets for rigid packaging, construction sheets for welded tanks, reservoirs and swimming pools, sanitary system pipes, conduits and profiles, corrugated pipes

PP MOSTEN extrusion grades are suitable for use in the food and construction industries and for sheets processed by welding or thermoforming.

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Household and industrial woven textiles such as carpet backing and big-bags, agricultural fabrics, twines and ropes

Tapes produced from PP MOSTEN exhibit excellent strength due to high polymer isotacticity.

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